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E-saver is a digital bank that offers financial solutions such as Savings, Investment, Loans, and Payment solutions.

Yes, e-saver is registered and fully licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

E-saver is a digital bank and financial solution, which runs on a web browser and mobile phone application.

Yes, e-saver automatically generate Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number (a 10 digits code) to all users. The account number can be used as savings account, salary account and business account just as a regular bank account.

Yes, All E-Saver accounts come with a debit card that can be used on any bank ATM in Nigeria.

Service charges are dependent on the subscribed plans and uses.

Yes, E-saver customers have access to loans. However, this is based on the subscribed plans and transactions worth.

To open an e-saver account, you must have a valid means of Identification (Nigerian Driver’s License, National ID Card or International Passport), E-mail Account, Phone Number and BVN and recent Utility bill.

To open an e-saver account, simple, visit and click on "let's get started", fill the form and submit.

We need your BVN to verify that your information is not false and for KYC. When we confirm your information and match your details with the information on the national BVN database as required by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Yes, your money is safe with us. We secure all accounts with the same high-security encryption used by regular banks.

Your e-saver debit card would be delivered to your preferred allocation using the address supplied anywhere in Nigeria. Learn more about cards here.

Through partnership with top commercial banks across Nigeria, such as Zenith Bank, you can make free withdrawals with your e-saver Naira MasterCard at any Zenith Banks ATMs in Nigeria.

You can deposit cash it into your e-saver account through any bank in Nigeria.

You can request an account statement for a specific time period. Tap More on e-saver then tap Statements & Reports to receive your e-statement of account.

e-saver offers Savings, Investment, Loan, and payment solutions

We are located at 19b, Babatunde Kuboye Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.

You cannot enter more than one loan at a time.

No, your application can be made online via our website or the E-Saver App.

No, you can’t

As an e-saver account holder, you are entitled to a wide range of investment options: Mutual Funds NGN and Mutual Funds USD.

With as little as N5, 000 monthly, you can start investing in e-saver

The minimum tenor for e-saver is 90 days

Interests are paid monthly or at the end of the tenor depending on your choice.

Yes, before approving and disbursing out loans, we carry out a credit check on all applicants to ensure that they are qualified

BVN, Government ID Card, Utility bill.

Loan processing and disbursement takes less than 24 hours once documentation for applications is completed.

Yes, loan approvals are not automatic. A loan application can be rejected if the applicant does not meet the requirement for a loan application.

Loan repayments can be done automatically from your bank account or via bank transfer.

Yes, you can make repayment for loans before the due date.

Yes, just like your regular bank account, we charge transaction fees depending on the worth of the transaction.

The tenor for liquidation of your e-saver is a minimum of 90days, maximum of 365days.

Tap the Fixed saver button on the dashboard to proceed with savings.

This is a periodic savings plan geared towards a particular goal or target.

You cannot withdraw before maturity.

This is a plan that encourages dedicated periodic savings with attractive interest rates.

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