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Periodic Saver

Automate your savings to be deducted at specific time intervals. You can pause it when you want, and restart it as well.

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Fixed Saver

Lock a lump sum out of temptation’s way for a minimum of 90 days and earn returns on your savings.

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Target Saver

Achieving your goals has never been simpler. Target savings for your dream home, car, vacation and more!

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Why e-saver

It's Free

Saving with e-saver is free of any fees or penalties. There are no account openings fees, no hidden charges, no maintenance fees.

Easy To Monitor Savings

The platform's user-friendly design enhances the ease of monitoring and managing your savings at all times.

Competitve Return

e-saver offers customers the opportunity to automatically save and invest their monies (no matter how life) to generate higher yields thereby dramatically increasing their wealth.


e-saver is secured by 256 bits SSL security encryption to ensure that your funds and personal information is completely protected.

How To Start Saving

Create An Account

Sign up for a e-saver account with your name, email and phone number. For added security, we verify both your email address and mobile number.

Link Your Debit Card

Using your Debit Card, create your first saving plan by specifying how much you want to save and how often. You can create additional plans later.

Watch Your Savings Grow!

E-saver will automatically handle all your savings henceforth. We put your money to work so you can earn competitive interests on a daily basis.

Set Targets You Can Reach.

Share what you're saving for and e-saver does the rest. You can budget for your next vacation, new house, or put money away for a rainy day.

Save for anything. Literally. Save for anything. Literally.