Take care of your tomorrow. Save today.

The future may be uncertain, but our savings plans make it easier for future you to live more securely.

Periodic Saver

Automate your savings to be deducted at specific time intervals. You can pause it when you want, and restart it as well.

The periodic saver plan is designed for you to set your savings to be deducted at specific time intervals(daily, weekly, monthly), up until a set maturity date. Withdrawals can only be made on/after the set maturity date. The interest earned depends on the duration of the savings plan. You will be able to wihdraw or roll over the plan after the maturity date. You can manage your savings from anywhere in the world. Your savings can also be used as security to secure loan facilities

Fixed Saver

Lock a lump sum out of temptation’s way for a minimum of 90 days and earn returns on your savings.

Our Fixed saver plan allows you to keep a lump sum of money away for a minimum of 90 days. At maturity, you'll be able to withdraw your savings and interest earned or roll over the savings plan

Target Saver

Achieving your goals has never been simpler.

E-saver's target savings tool tracks your progress and encourages you to save towards all your goals. It enables you to clearly categorise and pace your savings contributions for several goals (rent, new business, renovation, vacation, etc.) at the same time.