Frequently Asked Questions


E-Saver is a digital savings platform developed by PFI Capital Limited, a Portfolio/Fund Management and asset advisory firm in Nigeria licensed by the Security and Exchange Commission. It aims to help clients manage their finances as simply as possible and save towards financial freedom.


To start saving on E-Saver,

  • Simply open an account on our app (available on IOS App Store or Google PlayStore) [here, insert hyperlink to app store], or on our website.
  • Select your desired savings plan
  • Link your bank account/card

That's all!

Get Started!

You can save start saving with a minimum of ₦100.

Our rates are very competitive, compared with traditional saving products. We offer you a minimum of 10% per annum on your deposits. You can earn up to 15% per annum if you save for longer periods.

You will begin to earn interest on your savings as soon as you start to save.

You can have as many savings plans as you desire. E-Saver is designed to support and track your progress saving towards each and every one of your dreams.

No, you will not be penalized if you fail to fund your savings account on the designated day, e.g. if the linked bank account is insufficiently funded. You can also put your savings plans on hold whenever you wish.

While E-Saver currently does not offer loan facilities, your savings can easily be used as collateral to obtain loans from PeeCredit Limited.


There are no fees, so saving with E-Saver is FREE! There are no administrative fees or SMS fees. There are no hidden “maintenance” charges either.

You can have access to your savings and earned interest on/after the set withdrawal date. The longer your money stays in your E-Saver account, the more returns it earns you. At maturity, you can decide to withdraw your total earnings or to rollover your savings plan to enjoy the benefits of compounded interest.


When your savings have matured, you can withdraw into a linked bank account through the withdrawal option in the app.


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